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The leagues here at the Suburban Lanes Bowling Center accommodate for everyone in your family…from the kiddies to the seniors, we have a league just for you!

Why not join us in a league? We have them forming year round in which you can win fabulous cash and prizes!

Fall Leagues forming now!



  • Bud Classic Men’s Handicapped- 5 bowlers/team, starts at 6:05pm, Great 5 man league for all skill levels!  ($2000 added prize money)
    Meeting: 8/15 @ 7pm
    Starts: 8/29 @ 6:05pm
  • Monday Night Mixed Handicapped- 4 bowlers/team, men/women/mixed, starts at 6:05pm, perfect for all average bowlers!
    Meeting: 8/15 @ 6pm
    Starts 8/29 @ 6:05 pm


  • Varner’s Memorial League-Handicapped 5 bowlers/team (Men), starts at 6:20pm, $400/team added prize money up to $4000, great for a competitive bowler
    Meeting: 8/16 @ 6pm
    Starts: 8/30 @ 6:20pm
  • Craft Beer Trio League- 3 bowlers/team Men, Women, Mixed.  Starts at 6:05 PM Each bowler receives a bucket with 3 different craft beers each week!  Sample 45 different beers over the 15 week season.  Sponsored by: Mona Supply, J. Globe, Blue Ridge Beverage, North Central, and Northern Eagle Distributors.
    Meeting: 8/30 @ 6pm   Starts: 9/13 @ 6:05 pm


  • Early Risers- Women’s league bowls at 9:30am  Any skill level welcomed. 4/team
  • Wednesday Night Mixed Handicapped- 4 bowlers/team, men/women/mixed, starts at 6:05pm, 780 or less team average, $2000 added prize money, perfect for all average bowlers.  Meeting: 8/17 @ 6pm   Starts: 8/31 @ 6:05pm
  • Industrial Trio League- 3 bowlers/team, men/women/mixed, handicapped, starts at 9:00pm, great for all bowlers!   Meeting: 8/31 @ 9pm  Starts: 9/14 @ 9pm


  • Thursday Morning Coffee- Women’s league, bowls at 9:30am  All skill levels welcomed.  4/team
  • Suburbanites Women’s league- 4 bowlers/team (Women), handicapped, starts at 6:05pm, all average bowlers welcomed!  Meeting: 8/1 @6pm  Starts: 8/25@6pm
  • Morgantown Classic Scratch League- Morgantown area’s only scratch league, 4 bowlers/team, men/women/mixed, starts at 7:05pm, Peterson Point System, All teams must have a “A”,”B”,”C”,”D” average bowler, extremely competitive, $16,000 added prize money based on 16 teams!!!! League managed by Suburban Lanes  Starts 9/1 @ 7:05pm

            “A” 215 + average, “B” 214-205, “C” 204-195, “D” 194-185

  • Just for Fun League- 4 bowlers/team, men/women/mixed, starts at 9:00pm, perfect for all average bowlers, follows same schedule as WVU.  Great for students!


  • Friday Seniors (50 years +)- 4 bowlers/team, men/women/mixed, starts at 12pm, Free Coffee, largest senior league in the area! League managed by Suburban Lanes.
  • Kegler’s mixed handicapped- 4 bowlers/team, men/women/mixed, starts at 6:05pm, Fun Friday night league, League managed by Suburban Lanes, Catered banquet at end of season!  Meeting: 8/12 @ 6pm    Starts: 8/26 @ 6:05pm


  • Junior Leagues- All age divisions, chance to earn scholarship money, great social activity, starts at 9:30am


  • Sunday Night Mixed Handicapped- 4 bowlers/team, men/women/mixed, added prize money, cash paid back to all teams, Starts at 6:05pm
    Meeting: 8/14 @ 6pm
    Starts: 8/28 @ 6:05pm
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