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The leagues here at the Suburban Lanes Bowling Center accommodate for everyone in your family…from the kiddies to the seniors, we have a league just for you!

Why not join us in a league? We have them forming year round in which you can win fabulous cash and prizes!

Summer Leagues forming now!

Another fall season is drawing to a close and Suburban lanes is gearing up for a fun and exciting summer. This past fall saw the format ion of several new and successful leagues. We’ll be introducing two of those new leagues this summer. On Monday nights, we’ re starting our 9 Pin tap league along with our Grapes to Gutters Wine and cheese league. Both leagues are non-sanctioned mixed leagues that are perfect for any skill level of bowler and designed to be fun. Please see the enclosed fl yer of all summer leagues and descriptions.

Last July we opened Suburban Lanes Pro Shop and we are overwhelmed with the success and support our bowlers have given. Our ongoing theme at Suburban Lanes is to
“Change the Culture” when it comes to bowling in Morgantown, WV. With that in mind, we are happy to announce that we will be hosting the Suburban Lanes Championship Tournaments this summer. These scratch tournaments will be held in June and July. This is a great thing for bowling and it will bring many new faces into Suburban. Even if you don’t participate, please stop out and watch the tournament. Please visit our Facebook page for more information or stop by the front desk and pick-up a flyer .

We are always getting questions and calls about coaching and lessons. YES, we do have coaching and lessons with PBA Hall of Famer, Larry Lichstein. Just call Suburban and we’ll get you scheduled. Lessons are one to two hours of one-on-one instruction and include a C.A.T.S. computer report. Remember, even the pros have coaches and take lessons.

The sign-up sheets for summer leagues are now up! Please stop out or call Suburban Lanes and we’ ll sign you up. Even if you don’t have a team and would like to bowl, sign-up and we’ll help you find a team! Please “like” and follow Suburban Lanes on Facebook for all the most up to date information!

Anyone Interested in Subbing for a league, please contact the front desk.


Summer Leagues


9-Pin Tap League: Bowls at 7pm 4 bowl ers/team. Men, women, or mixed  League bowls for 15 weeks. 9 pins knocked down on the f irst ball counts as a st rike. A fun league for any skill level. Money paid back to all teams. Junior bowlers will receive a gift card in lieu of money. *Non-Sanctioned League.
NEW LEAGUE   Starts 5/9/16 Meeting 5/3/16 @ 6pm

Wine and Cheese League: Bowls at 7pm 3 bowlers/team. Men, women, or mixed. League bowls for 10 weeks. Each team receives a bottle of wine, cheese platter, free shoe rental, and 3 games of bowling each week. A fun league for any skill level. * Ncn-Sanctloned League.
NEW LEAGUE  Starts 5/9/16 Meeting 5/3 / 16 @ 7pm


Trio League: bowls at 7pm 3 bowlers/ team. Men, women, or mixed. League bowls fo r 12 weeks. Oil pattern changes every 4 weeks. Bowl head-to-head for individual and team points. Maximum of 25 pins handicap/bowler. League bowls 4 games. A great competitive league to keep your skill sharp over the summer. ADDED MONEY! *Sanctioned League. Starts 5/3 1/16 Meeting: 5/11/16 @7pm


Summer Industrial League: bowls at 7pm 4 bowlers/ t eam. Men, women, mixed. League bowls for 15 weeks. A great league to keep in practice. Money paid back to all teams. Great for all skill levels. *Sanctioned League.
Starts 5/ 18/16 Meeting: S/11/16 @6pm


Have-A-Ball League: bowls at 7pm 4 bowlers/ team. Men, Women, Mixed. League bowls for 15 weeks. A fun family oriented league. All bowlers receive a new resin bowling ball. League sponsored by EBI International. Kids welcomed! A great way to add a new bowling ball to your arsenal for the upcoming fall season. *Non-Sanctioned League.
Starts 5/12/16 Meeting: 5/5/16@ 6pm


Junior/Youth league: bowls at 10 am. Kick-off party before league starts.

Seniors League: bowls at 12pm 4 bowlers/team. Men, women, mixed. Age 50 and over.


Red Pin Doubles League: bowls at 7pm 2 bowlers/team. Men, women, mixed . League bowls for 15 weeks. Win free games while you bowll If a “Red Pin” comes up as the head pin when it’s your turn and you strike, you win a free game. Money paid back to all teams. *Non-Sanctlcned League
Starts 5/15/16 Meeting: 5/5/16 @ 7pm



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